FAQ for Us

  1. I’m ready to rent a property – What steps are next?
  2. We’ll need your name, email address, and phone number to set you up in our software and make a rental agreement for you. If you’ve found us through a 3rd party site (VRBO, AirBNB, etc) this information is automatically available to us. If you’re booking direct through our website or inquiring about a booking quote, fill the booking request or inquiry form. From there, we’ll create a rental agreement and sent it to you in an email to sign and return back to us. You’ll have 48 hours to fill out the required documents and return them back to us. 25% of the total cost is due upon acceptance in order to secure your reservation. The remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to your arrival date. If you reserve a stay close to the time of your actual arrival date, the full balance will be due immediately when you accept the quote and sign the rental agreement.

  3. Why is there only a 2 day (48 hour) window to accept a quote and return the rental agreement?
  4. In order to save your reservation for you, the property you request is “blocked” on our availability calendar for the dates selected so that other guests cannot attempt to book the same dates. We cannot hold a property without any payment while you finalize your decision or gather funds from your travel companions. If you are making a reservation far in advance, for example – half a year or a year in advance, we can work with you and provide additional time if needed. If you are booking relatively short term, it’s essential that the reservation is finalized or the temporary block is removed in order for us to ensure we can allow other interested guests to reserve the property if they would like. This allows us to keep our properties profitable enough to cover bills so that these properties can continue being offered as vacation rentals.

  5. Are there additional fees beyond the rental fee?
  6. There are additional fees added to the rental fee, resulting in your total booking charges.

    • Management Fee – This covers our services and allows us to perform maintenance to properties and assistance to guests by paying our employees, the cost of supplies, and helps cover overhead costs such as reservation software.
    • Cleaning Fee – Each property is professionally cleaned by a local company in order to ensure it is safe and ready for you when you arrive! The fees vary depending on the size of the property.
    • There is a Lodging Tax Fee of 13% that we are required by the state, county and city to charge on every reservation. The tax is calculated on the total booking charges, including fees. Revenue from this tax is used for a variety of purposes, including promoting tourism and keeping our beautiful beaches clean and safe for you and your family to enjoy.
  7. Why do I have to pay a cleaning fee?
  8. Our housekeeping staff is essential to ensuring that all our properties are kept to a certain standard of quality as they are the ones who clean each property between every rental. Aside from standard dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping – they sanitize and provide fresh linens after each departure. This allows you to feel safe and be satisfied with the property upon your arrival. They also provide a basic starter kit of amenities (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) to hold you over until you can get settled in or make a store run!

  9. Can I clean the property myself and avoid the cleaning fee?
  10. Sadly, no. First of all – you’re on vacation! You shouldn’t have to clean a property to the level we require after each departure. Our housekeepers have adequate experience cleaning rental properties and know exactly what standards we expect them to meet. They’re equipped with the proper cleaning chemicals and tools to do the job in a timely and efficient manner. Keeping work for the housekeeping staff ensures they will stick around and keep returning to work for us. They also act as additional eyes for us by helping to report damages, missing items, and maintenance needs.

  11. Who do I call if there’s a problem?
  12. Call us! The contact numbers listed in your check in instructions will get you straight to our phone and we are always available to help, anytime day or night.

  13. Do I have to pay a Security Deposit?
  14. You do not! The wording in your instructions can be a little confusing and make it seem as if you are however, we only initiate a security hold. This hold begins 1 day before your arrival and will be released 5 days after your departure.

  15. How do you determine your rate prices?
  16. To be honest, we don’t really determine pricing – you do! Although there are numerous costs associated with rental properties from deep cleans during the off season, upgrades and replacements of broken items, maintenance, and all the way to photography and marketing, the reality is that our properties won’t rent unless the prices are viewed as a good value in YOUR eyes. Because of this, we spend a large amount of our time researching the market’s prices for comparable properties, studying which prices result in higher or lower occupancy rates, and reviewing rates on a weekly basis to see which rates may need temporary adjustment. As we only manage our properties instead of owning them, we also go by owner’s input and what they need. It’s a fine balance to maintain but we dedicate ourselves to satisfying everyone involved in the rental process!