FAQ for Owners

  1. What are the costs of using Sands of Alabama?
  2. $499 Annual VRBO subscription fee
    3% Credit Card fee
    10 % Commission

  3. Are fees charged even when the unit is vacant?
  4. No – fees are not charged when a unit is vacant. The commission fee applies per booking, so you are only charged when your property is rented.”

  5. What is your policy regarding owner statements and when are owner funds distributed?
  6. Owner statements and owner funds will be sent out no later than the 15th of each month, for the previous month. The statements will break down all rents, expenses, and lodging taxes for the previous month.

  7. Who handles Lodging Taxes?
  8. Sands of Alabama will collect all lodging taxes on your behalf and remit them to the state and local agencies by the appropriate due date.

  9. How often will my property be inspected?
  10. Formal inspections vary. However, after each departure cleaning, we have an inspector walk the property. Cleaning staff as well as the inspector will report any broken or missing items, damage, or repairs needed.

  11. Am I limited on how many days per year I can block off for personal/family/friends use?
  12. Absolutely not. As the owner, you are free to block as many dates as you wish to reserve for your own use.
    Obviously, blocking numerous days during peak seasons, or around large events such as Hang Out Fest, will affect the amount of revenue your property earns but it is ultimately your property and your decision. You are not allowed, however, to cancel a booking if you’d like to stay after a guest has already reserved dates.

  13. How do you handle repairs & What is your maintenance policy?
  14. Minor repairs will be handled personally by Sands of Alabama. Larger repairs that go beyond what we can do, will be contracted out to one of our contacts. If it is an after-hours emergency at 3am, we will still get it taken care of for you!
    We offer free light maintenance (labor only) for standard lightbulb replacement, regular AC filter replacement and AA/AAA battery replacements in remotes.

  15. What happens when a guest damages the property?
  16. When a guest damages the property or breaks something, you are notified as soon as we find out. Repair or replacement is scheduled immediately if it is crucial, or the next day if possible (this saves you money if an outside business must be called in for service after hours.)

  17. What are your policies for Smoking & Pets?
  18. At Sands of Alabama, *None* of our properties allow Smoking or Pets. Additionally, certain buildings have implemented a non-smoking policy on balconies and in common areas and instead designate one location for smoking. We will ensure guests understand these policies and are aware that additional fees will be charged to them if they violate these policies.

  19. What information will I have access to in the Owner Portal?
  20. When you log into the owner portal, you will have access to your property, your owner statements, and your availability calendar. From here, you can view current bookings, add or delete personal block off dates, and view current and previous owner statements.